Our Staff

Our Staff


Lisa Rothman, Executive Producer and Host

Lisa spent a decade at KPFA Radio in Berkeley, CA working her way up from News Department Intern to Executive Producer of The Morning Show.  Along the way she anchored the Morning News, helped produce the annual KPFA Crafts Fair fundraiser, and did investigative reporting that resulted in closer oversight of Oakland businesses that do metal plating.  Her work has garnered awards from the California Teacher's Association, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and the National Educational Media Network. Contact her at lisarothman@chewonthisradio.com.


Jim Bennett, Production Engineer and Consultant

Jim has recorded Sonny Rollins, the Neville Brothers, John Santos, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Astor Piazzola and many others.  His show Forms and Feelings can be heard on KKRN and KWMR.  His show In The Moment is broadcast on KCSM.  He was also the general manager of KPFA Radio and WMNF Radio.


Ashleyanne Krigbaum, Outreach Coordinator and Production Associate

When Ashleyanne isn't working on Chew On This, she can be found contributing to the public radio programs Crosscurrents and Life of the Law and playing records for dance parties across San Francisco. She has been a producer in the Bay Area public radio community for more than five years. She happily lives and eats in Oakland. Contact her at ashleyanne@chewonthisradio.com.


Charlie Mintz, Feature Reporter

Charlie is a freelance writer and radio journalist concentrating on Oakland, California. His work has appeared in the East Bay Express, Marketplace, Crosscurrents, and the Stanford Storytelling Project. He enjoys talking about municipal finance and playing basketball.


Eric Wayne, Sound Editor

Eric has worked for more than 25 years in audio engineering and production. He is an award-winning radio producer, a professional musician, and a record label owner. He's been chewing on difficult topics ever since his first philosophy class in college, but he prefers pork belly and truffled eggs.


Maggie Ballard, Creative Consultant

Maggie’s contributions to Chew On This include creating programs and fliers, dreaming up terms like “Mic Maven,” throwing balloons off balconies, and coming up with other creative ways to make herself useful. Before joining Chew On This, Maggie spent a year nibbling her way through South America, Africa, and Asia.


Brent Norton, Composer

Brent has been playing clarinet, banjo, accordion and guitar since childhood.  He enjoys playing a wide range of musical genres, including folk, rock and country western. Brent studied jazz theory and composition at Berklee College of Music. Through the years he's shared the stage with an array of colorful characters, including a weightlifting keyboard player known as "Waynie West with the Movable Chest" who could make his pectoral muscles turn somersaults. Brent’s motto is: “I’ll quit playing when they take the damn instrument away from me and break it.”

Our Community Advisors

Justine Choy

Justine is the Director of Grantmaking at Health Trust. She has extensive grantmaking experience gained by previously working as Program Officer with the Koret Foundation, Peninsula Community Foundation, and most recently The California Endowment.

Melissa Fries

Melissa is the Program Director at Making Waves  Education Program’s San   Francisco office. She began her affiliation  with the program in 1995, and over the five years prior to working full  time in the organization, her roles ranged from tutor to board member.  She opened the San Francisco   branch of Making Waves Education Program in the fall of 2001. Melissa is a graduate of the Black Studies Department at the University of  California at Santa  Barbara and the School of Ethnic Studies at San   Francisco State  University.

Luis Granados

Luis is the Executive Director of the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), a nonprofit that works to create jobs for low-income Hispanic families in the Mission district, and was recently honored by Bank of America through its Neighborhood Excellence Initiative, a grant program designed to stimulate the local economy.

Julieta Kusnir

Julieta provides media advocacy and journalism trainings locally and beyond. She has contributed to bilingual radio programming in the San Francisco Bay Area for over decade. Her radio pieces have aired on NPR, KCBS, and PRI among other media outlets. Julieta continues to produce and host segments of La Raza Chronicles on KPFA radio with an emphasis on health issues. She also continues to provide trainings for KPFA radio's apprenticeship program. In 2008, she received an Ethnic Media Health Fellowship through The California Endowment. She is currently a trainer at Berkeley Media Studies Group.

Connie Chan Wang

Connie currently leads social media strategy at LinkedIn and she founded and manages the Social Media Center of Excellence. She is also the chief editor for the LinkedIn corporate blog at blog.linkedin.com and she is responsible for growing and managing LinkedIn social media properties including Twitter and Facebook. In her spare time she is a board member at American Red Cross Silicon Valley. Connie earned her Bachelor’s degree at University of Southern California and a Master’s degree at Stanford.